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Yellow Bellied Sliders Bicycling Society

The High Springs Yellow Bellied Slider Bicycling Society is a newly formed bicycle club in the tri-city area. The purpose of the club is to encourage High Springs area residents and visitors to have fun bicycling, exploring and enjoying our wonderful small town and beautiful rural and natural environments.

Ultimately the organizers want to help make High Springs a bicycle-friendly community with a network of low-traffic bicycle routes, paved trails, woodland bike-hike trails and plenty of bicycle parking. High Springs already has its own bicycle shop and is located near some excellent paved rail-trails and woodland bike-hike trails.

Tom & Lynda

The name, "Yellow Bellied Sliders," is unique and fun. It helps make known to all that High Springs is home to the largest breeding population of Yellow Bellied Sliders (water turtles who live on the Santa Fe River) in the world. Also the Santa Fe River has one of the largest number of different kinds of turtles in the world! The Santa Fe River (a unique disappearing stream) forms much of the northwest boundary of the City of High Springs and Alachua County.

Yellow Bellied Bicycling Society
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