Yellow Bellied Sliders Bicycling Society

Membership dues are $20.00/year, $30.00 family rate. Dues are used for setting up bicycle adventures and other organizational expenses. A really great, bright yellow (for conspicuity and safety) T-shirt is available for $15.00, which anyone can buy whether member or not. Proceeds from T-shirts will be used to place bike racks in High Springs, as only three are available right now.

Currently the club sponsors monthly bicycle adventures. Three levels of riders have emerged. Sonics are stronger riders and typically ride farther and faster.Sliders are moderately strong riders, and Tootlers are more slow-paced riders, who enjoy stopping to smell the flowers, take lots of pictures and explore
off-bicycle. Tootlers pace is generally family-friendly for children and adults. Each bicycle adventure has routes appropriate for faster, moderate and more leisurely riders.

Since so many of the good bicycling roads (low-traffic, shady, scenic) in High Springs area are unpaved, most people who want to bicycle have found it beneficial to ride hybrid or mountain bikes (also called fat-tire bikes, because Florida has no mountains), which have wider tires. The club may sponsor a few typical road rides, on which skinny tires would be appropriate, but hybrid bicycles work well on these types of rides, as well.

Membership Application
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Yellow Bellied Bicycling Society