Yellow Bellied Sliders Bicycling Society

This page is where we would like to say a special "Thank you" to those people who help out our group.

Santa Fe Community College
Biology Department Chair
Dear Sir, I would like to acknowledge Dr. Jerry Johnston for the outstanding presentation he gave to our group, The High Springs Yellow Bellied Biking Society (YBS) August 20 at Oleno State Park. Dr. Johnstons multimedia presentation, posters , power point and live turtle specimens created what I call an "OOH AHH" presentation. His energy and enthusiasms in talking about our unique turtle populations on the Santa Fe river brought home the point of the need to protect this precious ecosystem that runs beside our city.

We hope to have him come each year and teach us more about the turtles of the Santa Fe river and hope his research efforts continued to be recognized by the communities of Alachua County.
Tom Hewlett
President of YBS

Yellow Bellied Bicycling Society